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Chemistry Citation Index


     The ISI Chemistry Citation Index delivers current and retrospective bibliographic information and author abstracts from approximately 500 of the world's leading scholarly journals in chemistry. It also reaches outside the core literature to provide coverage of related articles from the multidisplinary ISI collection of over 8,000 of the world's premier scholarly journals.

Key Advantages & Capabilities

Allows users to conduct comprehensive searches of the chemistry literature and related fields
Provides cited reference searching, the unique ISI search and retrieval feature that enables users to track the literature forward, backward, and through the database, breaking through disciplinary and geographic boundaries
Enables users to conduct multidisciplinary searches to discover hidden subject relationships

Disciplines Covered

Analytical Chemistry
Computational Chemistry
Inorganic Chemistry
Materials Chemistry
Nuclear Chemistry
Organic Chemistry
Organometallic Chemistry
Physical Chemistry
Polymer Chemistry

Formats & Delivery Options
CD-ROM—updated bimonthly; includes the most recent five years of data; additional back-files to 1991; networking options

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Summary by Hongwei Yang on 08-13-2002

Last updated by Hongwei Yang on 08-15-2002

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